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Whole life cycle building data integration provider

Everything is surging with life of information in this big data age. Architecture, engineering and construction, a large and traditional industry, sensed the opportunity of transformation.
This BIM-technology-based transformation is changing industry problems of low labor productivity and lack of innovation by effectively reducing projects’ whole life cycle cost, saving time, improving quality and safety, not only to enhance the value chain on efficiency, quality, sustainability, but also change the enterprises’ competitiveness from roots.
Buildings will be given new vitality following data inflowing in this new era.
Inhen Tech, taking lead of whole life cycle building data integration, committed to upgrading information level of AEC industry and build a BIM-technology-based digital-driven cloud platform.

Shanghai Inhen Technology Engineering Co., Ltd(Inhen Tech), consisting of Shanghai Center and Chengdu Center, is committed to provide data integration and consulting services for AEC industry, has a business category filled with projects of infrastructure, city complex, super high-rise building and etc. Started to use BIM technology for design and related consultancy since 2008, a pioneer of this field domestically, through a large number of engineering practices, Inhen team has accumulated a wealth of model resources and database, established enterprise-level BIM standards and operation guideline, formed a comprehensive BIM consulting system,developed collaborative systems based on BIM technology for engineering design, cost control, and construction management to achieve data sharing and collaboration,make a faster and better projects delivery.

Tianfu Airport - the largest international airport in China's 13th Five-Year plan,
Now we are serve following projects as consultant:
Chengdu Tianfu International Airport——the biggest civilian aviation hub in China 13th five-year plan.
Shanghai Metro Line 18——one of the most important line of Shanghai New Metro Plan.
Shanghai Gubei SOHO -- landmark urban complex of Shanghai Gubei International Business District.
China-France Agriculture Tourism Park——Chinese exhibition project of the COP21, UN Climate Change Conference.

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